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I'm Jason Brick. Yes that Jason Brick. No...not him. Gods. He's gross, but he's only on the registry for a few more years and will probably vanish from the web shortly therafter. Ignore him. I'm the other Jason Brick. The one who writes young adult stories about demon-hunting wrestlers, articles about travel and how to stay healthy in an unhealthy world, and content for games like Pathfinder, Conan, and Call of Cthulhu. The one who runs The Iron Writer Challenge and the Write Like Hell Program. The guy  you saw at your last conference who gave you good advice and better jokes.  Yeah. That's me. Great to meet you.  
Odd thoughts from an odd mind, but I'm told they can be funny, or useful, or funny and useful. I swear, though, and talk abut politics sometimes. NSFW. NSFK (but kids will probably peek anyway). Adult discretion advised. 

I've been doing this for a decade, and consider it my holy mission and solemn duty to help folks who wish they were full-blown writers to become full-blown writers. Click here for resources and other stuff I've collected for y'all. 
I've been at this for a successful decade, and figure I owe the world some kind of giving back. Teaching how to do what I do (hopefully even better than what I've managed) is part of that giving back. 
I write books, stories, articles, games, and assorted other things to stretch your mind until it reaches that pull-pain-but-still-good feeling you get when you try to touch your toes after your 30th birthday. Find them here. 
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I love to nerd out about writing with other people who love to nerd out about writing. What are you waiting for, and engraved invitation?